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Jezebel and Manuel

As the World Revolves is a soap opera that Judge Mia watches, so far only featured in Night of the Living Ape. It involves two people, Manuel and Jezebel (a.k.a. Cora). Current information indicates that Manuel is a criminal and Jezebel is an undercover agent disguised as Cora sent to get inside information on Manuel, but while she was undercover they fell madly in love and Jezebel revealed her secret identity to Manuel.


Below is a transcript of the only episode of As the World Revolves featured on Judge Mia so far.

  • Manuel: Oh, Cora.
  • Cora: I'm not Cora...I'm Jezebel...Cora's my undercover name...I should've told you earlier.
  • Manuel: Undercover?
  • Jezebel: I'm supposed to arrest you, but I can't! I love you, Manuel!
  • Manuel: I love you...Jezebel.

At that point the episode was interrupted by breaking news.

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