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Birdena Bittlemeier
General information

c. 1221[1]


c. 1328-1337 (aged ~116)[2]

Marital status

Unknown; Intended to be single, but has children



  • Bingo Champion
  • Doctor
  • Runs the Orphanage[3]
  • Crash Test Dummy
  • Shoe Model
  • Shell Surgeon [4]
  • Babysitter
  • Hag
  • Geezer
  • Weddingplanney [5]

Address unknown, Yonkers

Social information
Physical information


Skin color(s)

Flesh color (tan)

Eye color


Judge Mia

A Very Mia Christmas (cameo)


Judge Mia Forever

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"I'm ninety-five years young and perky as a peacock!"
—Birdena in Birdena vs. Geezer Groves
Birdena Bittlemeier is one of the tritagonists in Judge Mia. She is a old, ugly lady. She is stuck up and wants to always get her way. She seems to have many jobs, including having a doctorate degree, despite that fact that she's a complete oaf and idiot.


Birdena is stuck up and rude. She outbursts, and interrupts. On rare occasions she helps people out, but usually only for a price. For example, in Judge Mia Forever when Mia asked Birdena and the "gang" to help her with the fundraiser, Birdena originally refuses, but then later offers to help when Mia states that she will be rewarded with prizes.

Physical appearanceEdit

She is a bald old lady, who ironically looks like a baby. Her limbs are flabby, her cheeks are fat, and her mouth is locked in an idiotic grin. She features resembles Unidentified human, 1 and Unidentified being, 1.



Birdena is born.

1221 - 1309Edit

Kit, Birdena's daughter, is born.


Birdena makes her first ever appearance on the show, appearing in the background of A Very Mia Christmas.



Birdena with the Hag Button.

Birdena makes her next appearance in a slightly bigger role; She has a lead part in the commercial The Hag Button.


Her role degrades again; Birdena makes only crowd appearances.



Birdena accusing Turdsley in Jury Fury.

Birdena gets another large role. As her first non-commercial major appearance, she is in a court case in the episode Jury Fury. She sues Turdsley Fuzzingsburgue for trampling on her garden. This is the first time she is named, and finally makes a character for herself.


Birdena appears in a commercial: Chitty Chitty Fang Fang.


Birdena's character gets acknowledged more. She has another large role: Birdena is in another court case, this time suing JMN Studios because of injuries that occurred in her latest appearance. Next she appears in Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day in a commercial, Gymco - Pigswell. She also appears in the crowd of Perry vs. Mary and Judge Buck, another commercial in The Return of Judge Maya, and a cameo in the season finale, Postcards from Buck.


Birdena in GYMCO - Pigswell


Birdena appears in every Season 8 episode; She represents the "world" in The People vs. the Halfbreeds. She asks Judge Mia to exclude halfbreeds from the population, and have them massacred. In Croakella vs. Schnauzette, Birdena shares that she robs from banks frequently. She is the orphanage manager in Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery, and in The Revenge of Judge Maya, she pretends to be wounded so Judge Maya's two guards will be distracted by helping her.


Birdena sues Geezer Groves Retirement Home for "forcing" her to come live with them.


She has a cameo in Turd Love.


She is in the crowd of Grouch vs. Mama Java, and helps Brownfeather with her molting in Brownflesh. In No Shell for Turd,

Birdena operating on Turdsley.

she operates on Turdsley, surgically planting a shell on his back.


She appears as a zombie in Night of the Living Ape. In The Haunted, she locks Mia and Nut inside the courthouse overnight. In Judge Mia's Halloween, she frightens the local trick-or-treat-ers by acting like a witch, and giving Turdsley an apple with a razor in it.


Birdena selling Crazy Bread for the JMN fundraiser.


She is in the crowd of So Sue Me!. She offers Humphrey her orthopedic shoes in The Dark Side of the Mutt, trying to make him back to normal.


In Crappy Anniversary, she babysits Marley and Maggie while Matilda is out plotting against Fransisco.


She appears in the Buck's Lil' World for Buck vs. Hipper, attacking Turdsley when Buck lies, saying Turdsley destroyed her lawn. In Judge Mia Forever, Birdena helps raise funds for JMN to win the court-case.

1328 - 1337 and deathEdit

It was revealed in the epilogue of Judge Mia Forever that Birdena died. The epilougue took place is 1337, so Birdena could have died in 1328, 1329, 1330, 1331, 1332, 1333, 1334, 1335, 1336, or 1337. She was 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, or 116 when she died.

On her gravestone, it says "YOU EXPECT US TO BELIEVE THAT CRAP???".


  • "Look who's talkin, I can't tell if that's your face or your butt!"
  • "Gee bubzy brown, you must have been a pretty crappy kid to get adopted twice."


  • Even though she's bald currently, she had a large amount puffy white hair ten years ago.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag., so she has her own garden.
  • Birdena might get her own spin off called Birdena & Friends.




Birdena Bittlemeier image gallery


  1. In Birdena vs. Geezer Groves, which aired in 1316, Birdena mentions that she is "95 years young," putting her birth year at 1221.
  2. The show ended in 1327, and in the epilogue (which took place in 1337) it was stated that Birdena had died. It is unknown which year out of the ten she died in.
  3. Shown in Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery, when Fransisco and Mia came to the Orphanage to find out who Fransisco adopted years before
  4. Shown in No Shell for Turd, when she operated on Turdsley. She works as a surgeon at Shelly's Shell Shack.
  5. Murphy called Birdena Weddingplannery in The Justice Bride
  6. She was only nicknamed "Birdie" in a commercial.
  7. File:Birdface.PNG

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