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Birdena vs. JMN Studios
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Birdena vs. JMN Studios is the 1st episode of the 7th season of Judge Mia, and the 28th episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1314.


Birdena sues JMN for her back injury because she got hurt while they were filiming.


The episode starts with Nut introducing Mia. Guacamolito is already seated, and Mia says "Bring in...the ACCUSER!". Ella and Bella roll in, with Birdena in a hospital bed, screaming in pain. Birdena is suing JMN Studios (represented by Guacamolito) because she broke her back while they were filming her. Mia asks Birdena to explain how she got hurt and why she is suing. Birdena says that while JMN was filming The Justice Bride (the previous episode) she broke her back while doing a weak attempt to "be all hip 'n cool" (says Bella). Mia is not convinced, so they run the footage of Birdena breaking her back. Guacamolito says that it was not JMN's fault, and that Birdena was foolish to try and be in the in-crowd. Birdena accuses him of lying, and Mia screams SHUT UP!
***Commercial Break***
After the break, Guacamolito says that Mia can't really send him to jail, because it isn't his fault. Mia agrees, also pointing out that he is her boss. Birdena asks "You wouldn't send a sweet old lady to jail, would you?". Mia overrules the objection, and says that, for suing someone she doesn't want her to sue, Birdena goes to five years in prison, working in the laundry! Ella and Bella says that their grandma has a secret weapon: she's so old she'll die before you can send her to jail. Mia says she's still going to jail. Birdena objects again, but Mia overrules again, and the episode ends with Birdena going to jail.


Buck's Lil' WorldEdit

Don't Say Swear Words is the Buck's Lil' World segment for this episode. In this segment, Buck "accidentally" teaches his two brothers a swear word.
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  • "Overruled!" - Mia
  • "Lucky for us, our grandma has a secret weapon!" - Bella
    "That's right, she's so old, she'll probably die before you can send her to jail!" - Ella
  • "no no NO NO!" - Birdena
  • "SUCK IT UP!" - Mia



  • This is the only episode when Nut says "The honorable Judge Mia presiding, please be seated", instead of just "The honorable Judge Mia presiding".
  • This is the only episode when Mia "overrules" statements, as in a real court.


  • Mia sentences Birdena to five years in prison, but Birdena appears in the show again before five years is up.



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