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Nut: Okay, Mia, picture day is tommorow, so let's make sure every you want to take a picture of is here.

Judge Mia: Got it! You get on that, Nut!

Nut: Uhhh. Okay, let's see: Birdena, Turdsley, Buck...check, check, check...Brownfeather? Mia, where's Brownfeather? She needs to take a picture, too!

Judge Mia: Now that you mention it, I haven't seen Brownfeather in a while.

Turdsley: Me neither.

Birdena: Bet your britches!

Buck: If you ask me, the world could do with a little less Brownfeather, if you know what I mean.

Nut: Well, you guys need to find her. I need to work on picture day. Meanwhile, you find Brownfeather!

Judge Mia: Let's see. Where would an ugly hippie like Brownfeather hide?

Turdsley: We could ask Pinecone and Acorn! They're at the preschool

Birdena: Wait, why aren't you guys?

Turdsley: Me and Buck are playing a game. It called hooky!

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