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Buck Gets Kidnapped is a three-segment subseries of Buck's Lil' World, centered around Buck getting kidnapped by Hipper and eventually escaping. The segments were piggybacked with the Season 10 episode No Shell for Turd and the Season 11 episodes So Sue Me! and The Dark Side of the Mutt. The first segment is when Buck is teaching to be careful around strangers. He is careful, but when Hipper asks him to help her find her puppy he can't say no! Then he gets kidnapped (the one time he decides to be nice)! The second segment is when Buck is trapped in Hipper's house. Hipper wants him to call his parents about a ransom to get him back, but Buck teaches to never do what the kidnapper says and he beats up Hipper. In the third and final segment, Hipper's dopey husband Ribbitz orders pizza and when the pizza guy gets there Buck takes advantage of and opportunity and is saved by the pizza guy.

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