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Buck vs. Hipper
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Costline Compromiser - Episode 6


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Buck vs. Hipper is the 5th episode of the 11th season of Judge Mia, and the 51st episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1327.


Witnesses flood in when Buck sues Hipper for kidnapping him!


After the intro, Mia announces "Buck is suing Hipper fro kidnapping him!". She asks Buck to say what happened, and he says he was just teaching the "children" about how bad stranger were, and he jumped in Hipper's car because she wanted help finding her puppy. He says Hipper kidnapped him, and brought him to her house, and she kept him there until his parents called for the ransom, and Buck said he didn't call his parents be he knew that was bad. He then says that Hipper's stupid husband, Ribbitz, ordered a pizza and then Buck got saved by the pizza guy. Mia says that she thinks Buck is lying. Hipper objects, saying she as never seen Buck in her life (a lie). Hipper asks Buck "Where's the evidence, Buck? Where's the PROOF?!". Buck brings out Pete the Pizza Guy to the stand. Buck asks Pete if it was true that Hipper kidnapped Buck, and Pete says that he doesn't remember. Buck tells Mia that Pete is insane, and then Pete leaves. Hipper calls to the stand her husband, Ribbitz. Ribbitz says that Hipper did kidnap Buck, even thought Hipper told him to say he didn't.
***Commercial Break***
After the break, Mia is just about to make a verdict when Humphrey buts in and says that Mia should get Hipper's side of the story, too. Mia gets mad and attacks Humphrey, but Nut calls her off. Nut agrees with Humphrey, and Mia is forced to get Hipper's side of the story. Hipper brings in her lawyer, Croakella, who is also her mom. Mia gets really mad because Fransisco dumped Mia for Croakella, and attacks her. Croakella gets scared and runs off. Instantly, Mia sends Hipper to jail.


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Buck's Lil' WorldEdit


Buck, Turdsley, and Birdena

Be Loyal to Your Friends is the Buck's Lil' World segment for this episode. In this segment, Buck tells Turdsley to be loyal to him, thus making Turdsley his slave!
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  • This is the only episode with the name of a courtcase in Season 11.
  • This is the last case Mia judges.
  • This is the last episode besides the finale.
  • This episode continues the events of Buck Gets Kidnapped.
  • This is the second episode to bring in witnesses; the first being The People vs. Hipper.



Crowd Members: "Tammy", Turdsley, Smokey, "Dmitri," "Leo," "Madame Milly," Vanilla Bean, Kari, Private, Nugget, "Majesty," Elmer