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The Brownfeather Chronicles are a series of four fanfiction stories made by user OWL. The first story talks about Brownfeather before she was on the show, and the next three talk about what was going on with Brownfeather behind the scenes of the show.


Brown struggles with everyday life as a flightless baby owl. In the midst of it all, tragedy strikes when humans threaten to tear down the forest and Brown finds herself in tough situations.
Brownfeather returns to Econia, quitting her job as a lawyer. Back home, Brownfeather's dead sister, Beige, has suddenly reappeared, and is demanded to be made Protector of the Forest. Brownfeather unveils the sinister plot of it all.
Brownfeather is now queen of Econia; But all is not good. A tribe of black eagles attack the forest, claiming to be searching for Brownfeather's dead father. Brownfeather makes new friends, while others die, and others betray. The end leaves fans hanging.
Brownfeather runs from Econia, furious at recent events. She tries to leave her past behind, but finds that making a new life for herself is harder than she thought. Meanwhile, a notorious hunchback eagle reigns chaos in Econia, and Brownfeather is forced to return to her true calling with the help of friends from her "new life".


  • Brownfeather - Called Brown by her family, Brownfeather is the main character of the series. She is constantly protecting Econia. She is also the rightful heiress of the Black Eagle Tribe.
  • Beige - Brownfeather's sinister sister. She was killed in the first book, but reappeared as an animated corpse in the second one. She died by falling into a power-box and dying in the explosion.
  • Mahogany - Beige and Brownfeather's father. He was a master tech-maker of the Black Eagle Tribe. He reanimated Beige's corpse in an attempt to overthrow and kill Brownfeather. He died by falling out of a tree and breaking his neck.
  • Dmitri - An Elder Owl of Econia; the only one to survive Beige's reign. He became good friends with Brownfeather after he saved her from drowning. He was killed by the owls of Econia, when they mistaken him for a monster when he was combined with Beige and Mahogany.
  • Auburn - Brownfeather's mother and the only member of her family who is not evil or dead. She is kind to Brownfeather, though she was already planning a divorce with Mahogany before he died.
  • Freak Shadowsworth (surname revealed in Brown, Ruler of All) - The main villain of the series, Freak is a hunchbacked black eagle. Brownfeather mistaken him for her friend, and he betrayed her in Brown Meets Black.
  • Chief Dungheap - The chief of Econia before Brownfeather became queen. He died when Ebonybeak's giant metal sphere fell on him.
  • Ebonybeak Shadowsworth (surname revealed in Brown, Ruler of All) - He was the chief of the Black Eagle Tribe, and Freak's older brother. He was killed when Brownfeather connected an electric chair to his throne.
  • Lucius - He was a mean porcupine who ran Frill 'n' Quill Hotel. He was working for Freak. He tried to capture Brownfeather and bring her back to Freak. He was killed by Inky Shadowsworth when he was frozen in black glass, and throw into the burning hotel.
  • Inky Shadowsworth - She is the younger sister of both Ebonybeak and Freak, which is not revealed until Brown Returns. She does not approve of the Black Eagle's villainy. She is very skilled which Eagle technology, and has many useful gadgets and weapons.
    • Brown Returns
    • [[Fanfic: Brown's Final Stand|Brown's Final Stand]