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The Children of Brownfeather gathered around their evil war goddess.

The Children of Brownfeather (singular: Child of Brownfeather) were the followers of Brownfeather during the events in Brownfeather's Prophecy. Their battle cry was "Viva la Brownfeather!" Their goal was to steal as much food as they could for Brownfeather and themselves during the famine that never was, mostly by robbing restaurants and stores. They often used violence to get the food. They also invaded SNN and replaced the news with "24 hour Brownfeather Broadcast." After the episode, they all realized that they had been deceived by Brownfeather and turned back to the side of good. It is assumed that they were granted amnesty because they were not included as the defendants in The People vs. Brownfeather case.

List of Known Children

This is a list of all of the seen or mentioned stuffies that were in the group of the Children of Brownfeather in the episode Brownfeather's Prophecy. There are twenty-one known Children, though there were probably many more unseen.

List of Charges Against the Children

This is a list of the known crimes committed by the Children of Brownfeather, and probably charged against Brownfeather in the case. There were almost certainly more, but these are shown or mentioned in the episode.

  • Theft (stealing Judge Mia's lunchbox)
  • Armed robbery (shooting and stealing at Mama Java's)
  • Armed robbery (shooting and stealing at PS-22)
  • Armed Assault (shooting Cudz)
  • Armed Assault (shooting Unnamed Leopard, who is a Child himself)
  • Armed Assault (shooting Unnamed Starfish)
  • Piracy (taking over SNN and broadcasting propaganda)
  • Kidnapping (capturing Judge Mia, Birdena, and Buck)

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