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Costline Compromiser is a frequently shown series of commercials aired on JMN. Six commercials were aired, all with a continuation of the previous one. The final commercial aired alongside Buck vs. Hipper, in which the Compromiser dies saving the passengers of a doomed airplane. Each episode features Perry as the Costline Compromiser advertising his company and doing something heroic. The commercials are a spoof of the "Priceline Negotiator" commercials, created by, a discount site.

List of CommercialsEdit

# Clip Title Piggyback Ep. Description
1 Have Fun at the Hotel Costline Compromiser Grouch vs. Fat-Bear Characters: Perry (The Compromiser), Private
Summary: Someone needs a deal on a hotel. The Compromiser swings into action!
2 Prices Compromised Hotel for Fools Chelsea vs. Uni Buni Characters: Perry (The Compromiser), Smokey, Unnamed Black Whale
Summary: A big hotel company is cheating on it's customers! The Compromiser is on the job!
3 Episode 3 Never Trust an Orca Judge Maya Characters: Perry (The Compromiser), Unnamed Black Whale
Summary: A homeless person needs a deal...but it turns out to be a trap! (Episode ends in cliffhanger)
4 Episode42 Just Desserts Bobby Jane vs. His Parents Characters: Perry (The Compromiser), Unnamed Black Whale
Summary: We last left the Compromiser off when he got tricked into being trapped! But with the power of low prices, the Compromiser prevails!
5 Costline Return of the Compromiser Crappy Anniversary Characters: Perry (The Compromiser), Kit
Summary: When a damsel in distress is tied up on the railroad tracks, it's up to the Costline Compromiser to save her some money!
6 Landthisthing The Final Compromise Buck vs. Hipper Characters: Perry (The Compromiser), others
Summary: The compromiser gives his life to make a deal!

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