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Judge Maya walked along the Ellish streets. She had never been to Elland before, but she knew one thing: here she could finally get the firepower to take down Judge Mia! (Elland has no law against weapons of mass destruction.) The city was bustling with exotic unicorns and fluffy cute animals. A shady figure waited for Judge Maya at the corner of a dark alley. "You Maya?" it said with a thick accent. "Darn tootin," she ominously whispered back. The figure placed a small key in the palm of, nub. Maya evilly grinned an evil grin of evil evilness. She was finally going to win! Do you know why? Because the key opened Elland's nuclear weapons storage facility.

Chapter 1: The AttackEdit

Judge Mia thought as she walked to the courthouse. Strange things had been happening in Elland for the past week. I wonder if it's somehow connected to...nah! she thought, as she entered the courtroom. "Mia, you're five seconds late!" Nut scolded as he wrote something on his clipboard. Birdena and a small family waited at the front of the courtroom. Judge Mia sat in her throne of justice. Brentina and the camera crew stood by for Nut to give the signal. "Lights, camera, action!" As the lights of the camera flashed on, the Announcers voice boomed: "The Bearington family, is SUING, Birrrr-dena, for never wearing clothes." Nut said,"All rise for the honorable Ju-," but he was cut off by the crowd gasping and pointing out the window. Mia, Nut, Birdena, and everyone else scrambled out the door and stood on the street. Others emerged from thier homes and office buildings, pointing at the sky. High above them, a pink-and-white-striped war plane circled the city. Inside was Judge Maya. "Say goodbye!" she squeaked as she pressed a large hand-sized red button. The crowds below gasped as a large metal object was EXTRACTED from the plane, nosediving at breakneck speed towards the city. A high-pitched whistling sound could be heard. "What is that?" the crowds murmured. Mia turned to Nut,"Nu-ut, what's happening?" Just then the city was illuminated in a blinding white light, followed by a deafening boom. The crowd screamed. Small children were literally blown away. Mia caught a glimpse of Marley flying above her with a couple other preschoolers. "Gramma!!!" he screamed. The light dimmed, and a massive black-and-red mushroom cloud could be seen erupting from the center of town. As it grew, it blocked out the sun, and the city was plunged into total and utter darkness.

Chapter 2: The Beginning of the End (Well actually just the end) Edit

Judge Mia walked towards her house. She looked inside. "Hello?" Then she saw...EVERYONE WAS DEAD! The end.

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