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GYMCO is a company that airs commercials on JMN frequently. Ginger is the star of all the commercials. It is a spoof of GEICO, an insurance company.

List of CommercialsEdit

In episodic order

Clip Title Piggyback Ep. Description
Gymco Thats You Daddy That's You Daddy The Snortleson Brothers vs. Smokey Characters: Ginger, Guacamolito, Buck, Elmer
Summary: Guacamolito asks what Buck drew,'s him!
Gymco Ape in the Hand Ape in the Hand Cute vs. Cute Characters: Ginger, Private, Buck, Croakella
Summary: Croakella brings her ape in the hand (Buck) to Antiques Roadshow, and is shocked when Private tells her it's worth two in the bush!
Pigswell Gymco Clip Pigswell Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day Characters: Ginger, Pigswell, Birdena, Bella
Summary: Birdena, an unnamed pig, and Bella are driving while the pig is screaming "Weeeee! Weeee! Weeee!".
Gymco Somebody Somebody's Watching Me So Sue Me! Characters: Ginger, Butt, Buck, Elmer
Summary: Buck and Butt are walking when the see Elmer staring at them intensely.

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