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Grouch vs. Fat-Bear
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Grouch vs. Fat-Bear is the 1st episode of the 4th season of Judge Mia, and the 12th episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1311.


Fat-Bear sues Grouch for breaking her toilet.


The episode starts when Nut announces Judge Mia, and she announces the courtcase. Fat-Bear, plantiff, is sueing, Grouch the defendant, for breaking her toilet seat. Judge Mia asks Fat-Bear to tell her what happened exactly.Fat-Bear said: "Grouch came over to my house for chicken and dumplings, then she said she needed to go to the bathroom, and she did, and from the bathroom I heard a massive CRACK. And I went in the bathroom and saw Grouch sitting on the toilet and there was water spurting everywhere and it cost a lot of money, and I want her to pay it". Judge Mia asks Grouch what she thought happened. Grouch said "First of all, I wasn't invited to her house. SHE KIDNAPPED ME!". The crowd gasped, and Fat-Bear protested "Your honor, CARE BEARS NEVER KIDNAPP!" Grouch says "Wanna bet?!" and they get into a fist fight. The Please Wait Sign goes up. Judge Mia screams "SHUUUT UUUUP!" and it goes to commercials. When they get back, Grouch continues. "The point is, I didn't break her toilet". Crowd gasps. Fat-Bear scream "That's just no true!". Judge Mia ask's "Fat-Bear, do you have any evidence of Grouch breaking your toilet?". "I was afraid you'd never ask! I've hidden a security camera on the seat of my toilet!" Fat-Bear says. "Your honor, this FOOL is wasting the court's valuble time. I DEMAND to win immanently!". Judge Mia says "Roll the tape, Fat-Bear!". On the potty cam: "Uh, I need to empty my bowls" says Grouch. (squirting noises are heard). Then Grouch screams as the toilet seat cracks in two. Back in court, Grouch has her head in a paper bag saying she can never show her face again. Fat-Bear wins and the episode ends.


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Buck's Lil' WorldEdit


Buck with the "elder"

Respect for Elders is the Buck's Lil' World segment for this episode. In this segment, Buck tries to help a geezer cross the road, but pushes her into the path of an oncoming bus instead
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  • "Shuuut uuuupp!"- Judge Mia
  • "I DEMAND to win immediantly!" - Grouch


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Grouch vs. Fat-Bear Crowd

Crowd Members: Elmer, Private, Brentina, Turdsley, Unnamed Dog, Buck, Unnamed Leopard, Ken, Pooh, Nugget, Almond, Unnamed Bear (Number 3)