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General information

Sentient mixed-DNA beings

Halfbreeds are a type of animal that are fusions of two or more species. The species is first introduced in The People vs. the Halfbreeds. In that episode, only three halfbreeds are sued (Crabbear, Brog, and Awana), but many other halfbreeds exist on the show that are not even specified.

Natural halfbreedsEdit

Halfbreeds exist naturally when two different species breed. An example of this is the children of Grouch and Private. Grouch is a duck, and Private is a penguin, and all three of their children are biological, making them half duck, half penguin.

Unnatural halfbreedsEdit

Halfbreeds are also possible unnatural, as when Mia Redford and Buck Snortleson were morphed by the SuperFuser. These are usually temporary.

Physical appearanceEdit

Most halfbreeds do not gain the physical traits of both, while others do. Crabbear has large, bent arms like crab claws, but the rest of his body resembles a bear. Acorn is half owl, half duck, but he appears as a plain owl.

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