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Harmony Carrington
General information

Unknown date




Owner and founder of Fat-Bear Toys Limited

  • Gym-Bear (by herself)
  • Fat-Bear (by everyone)
Physical information

Bear (described specifically as a Care-Bear by herself)

Skin color(s)

Light purple

Eye color


Judge Mia

Grouch vs. Fat-Bear

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"I prefer the term horizontally-challenged oaf."
—Harmony in Grouch vs. Fat-Bear
Harmony Carrington is a violet-colored bear who is a recurring character in Judge Mia. Everyone calls her Fat-Bear but she insists that her real name is Gym-Bear. Her biggest appearances are Grouch vs. Fat-Bear and Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear, but she also makes cameos throughout the series. In Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear she is revealed to be very cheap and deceitful, because she sold Turdsley a toy that didn't even work. She is the owner of Fat-Bear Toys Limited.


Fat-Bear resembles a purple bear. In Grouch vs. Private, she specifically describes herself as a "Care-Bear," which is also a brand of stuffed toys. Also, one of the products in the "Care Bear" toy line resembles Fat-Bear excessively, and share's her real name: Harmony. It appears that Care Bears are a race of bears in the Judge Mia world

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