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The Hidden Number 10, much like Season 5's Hidden Number 5, is the number ten hidden in every Season 10 episode of Judge Mia.

List of Hiding SpotsEdit

Episode Image (Click to enlarge) Hiding Spot
Grouch vs. Mama Java ???
Brownflesh ???
No Shell for Turd Next to Birdena when Big Bobby says, "And I thought he couldn't get any uglier".
Night of the Living Ape it's hidden next to zombie Turdsley when Mia is in Town Square and zombie Buck is about to bite her.
The Haunted it's hidden in the crowd near Judge Mia's desk as the reporter is saying "the presiding Judge Mia was trapped in her own courtroom today..."
Judge Mia's Halloween
JMH Crowd
it's is hidden in the crowd behind Witchdoctor Wywan  at the beginning of the case.

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