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The site after being renamed

iJudge (previously named Judge Tube 2.0) is the new, revised edition of the JudgeTube. Unlike the first edition, it was created by a group of fans. Also unlike the first, every video is able to be played, and it contains Season 10 episodes. It was created in 1324. It was in the "beta" edition until only recently.

Upgrade 2.1Edit

On April 14, 2013, JudgeTube 2.0 was upgraded, adding new videos. The "Beta" label on the logo was taken away after this upgrade.


As part of the upgrade, JudgeTube is available on mobile devices.


Because of the major dispute against fans who support iJudge and fans that do not support iJudge, JudgeTube 2.0 wanted to clear all evidence of the original JudgeTube from their site. They renamed it iJudge on April 20th, 2013.


JMN Studios and Judge Mia announced that they were against JudgeTube 2.0 because of pirated videos. This post appeared on the Stuffbook page:

"A group of Judge Mia fanatics have taken the JudgeTube situation into their own hands, by creating JudgeTube 2.0 which houses pirated Judge Mia episodes that have not yet been released to the web. The Judge is NOT happy about this. Please share your opinion in the comments."

The JudgeTube 2.0 site specifically mentions "leaked videos from the files of JMN" on its homepage. The FBI are currently looking into the situation. If it is illegal, JudgeTube 2.0 will be shut down.


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