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JudgeTube (also known as JudgeTube Classic, after the release of JudgeTube 2.0) is a video website started in 1314, that has every episode of judge mia, clips, spoof week clips, and even soundtrack from the show. You can also watch The Bananomanomans and Postcards from Buck on the site.

Shutting DownEdit

The site has shut down multiple times sense it's release, due to viewers violating the rules. It shut down on it's longest break ever for almost four months, until it opened again at Thanksgiving 2012.
In January 2013, three quarters of the website's videos crashed, making only a few videos available to watch. JMN isn't even making an effort to fix the problem.


Many fans complain about the website's "cheap, inconvenient layout and lack of recent episodes". Others have said, "Very few of the videos actually work, and they are five episodes behind!".


Only Seasons 1 through 4 are available to watch on the site. Seasons 5 through 9 are shown on the website, but when clicked the videos crash and say "This Video is Not Available". 


The new edition of JTclassic

Turd Love is the most recent episode shown on JudgeTube; all of Season 10 and 11 is not available.


After iJudge was made, JMN was inspired to redo their own video website. The website was partially updated in March 2013. This was received even worse than the original. The fans complained that the new look was hideous and inconvenient. JMN said on their Stuffbook page: "Hey, fans! Mia has just released a preview version of The New Judge Tube! Have fun, and we'll finish it soon!". The site remains unfinished, and now only houses Season 11, even less than the first edition.

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