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Judge Mia's Halloween is the 6th episode of the 10th season of Judge Mia, and the 46th episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1319. It is the 3rd and final episode in Judge Mia's Scare-a-Thon.


Judge Mia judges a Halloweenie case, meanwhile the preschoolers go trick-or-treating and the halloween party!


The episode starts at the pre-school, where the class is gearing up for their Halloween party. Miss Luna tells the class the moms who help the parties will be coming, and they soon do. Among them is Brownfeather, Matilda, Queen Kong, and Kit (Ella and Bella's mother, Birdena's daughter). Matilda tries making them do a stupid game, but Buck protests and they end up telling scary stories instead. Buck tells the neighborhood legend that every Halloween Birdena turns into a witch and eats preschoolers. Then, the preschoolers get scared and the school day ends early. After school, everyone is getting ready to trick-or-treat. Turdsley's dad tells him not to go, but Turdsley sneaks out the window anyway. Everyone gathers up, and shows each other their costumes. Marley is a mummy, Maggie is a bunny, Ella and Bella are head-o-lanterns, Turdsley is a exercise-a-holic, Nutella is Dr. Elephanty. Buck and Butt say costumes are for babies. After trick-or-treating, they've hit every house in the neighborhood except Birdena's house. The kids are scared, except for Bella and Ella. Ella goes up to the house, knocks on the door, an then gets pulled in, frightening the other preschoolers. Next Turdsley went up, and Birdena gave him a apple. It apparently had a razor in it, and the episode ends with Big Bobby scolding Turdsley about strangers.


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Most critics said it was good, not the best, but others thought it focused more on the preschoolers, and less on Mia.

Buck's Lil' World

Halloween Safety

Buck trick-or-treating

Halloween Safety is the Buck's Lil' World segment for this episode. In this segment, Buck tells everyone how to be safe on Halloween. He says you should always bring a flashlight or something when you're trick-or-treating so cars can see you, but then a driver is blinded by Buck's light and he crashes. After that, Buck says never take candy from strangers. Then he goes up to a really fat pig lady and says trick-or-treat and the lady asks if he wants some candy, but then Buck runs away screaming "help!" Finally, Buck reminds everyone the most important rule of Halloween safety: have fun! Yuk yuk yuk!
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  • "Every Halloween...Birdena...turns into...a WITCH!" -Buck
  • "Oh man, you incompetent oaf, we've been over this!" -Big Bobby (talking to Turdsley)
  • "I got a buttload a candy!" -Turdsley
  • "LET'S PARTAAAAY!!!" -Acorn
  • "I guess she didn't get the family baldness gene." -Maggie (referring to Kit)
  • "Kids, we have a game for you! Just answer a math question, and you get a Halloween toothbrush!" -Matilda


  • Event though Nut says they have to end the case early because he promised Nutella and Butt he'd take them trick-or-treating, Nut doesn't trick-or-treat with them! And on top of that, Butt doesn't even trick-or-treat!
  • The Hidden Number 10 is hidden in the crowd at the beginning of the court case.
  • This is the first appearance of Birdena's daughter and Bella and Ella's mom, Kit.
  • It is ironic that, despite his usual shy and calm personality, Acorn screams "LET'S PARTY!"


JMH Crowd

Crowd Members: Grouch, Vanilla Bean, Fluffy, Big Bobby, Ginger

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