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Welcome to Judge Mia Fanfic!

What is Fanfic?

Fanfic is the creating of stories or characters by fans that relate to a franchise. In this case, Fanfiction must relate to the original Judge Mia franchise. Feel free to make up your own characters in your fanfic.

How to create a Story

To write a Fanfic article, create a page and start with typing "Fanfic:" Then the title of your article. Any member of the Judge Mia Wiki will be able to see your story. Add Template:Fanfic  to the top of the page, and type your username into the "Fanon Author" place.

To create a story, first come up with an idea that is in some way related to the Judge Mia series. Then, create and write chapters of your story! Maybe your Fanfic could even become a real episode!

Featured Fanfic Story

The Gavel's Curse , by Pugpo 

Read a Preview...It was a busy morning at the courthouse. "Mia!" Nut said. "You have a case at 9:00!". Judge mia checked her watch. It was 8:59! Mia searched for her gavel. "Nut, have you seen my gavel?" she asked her manager. "Just get one!" Nut retorted. "The court case starts now!". Mia grabbed a rugged box from the storage room, and pulled out a random gavel. It was old and dusty, with an eerie brown glow. The handle had detailed drawings of sockmonkeys in regal tunics getting mauled by apes that suspisiously looked like Buck. Mia grasped the gavel, and opened the doors to the courtroom. "Go get 'em," Nut told her. Mia sat herself down in her chair, just as Nut said. "Honorable and presiding Judge Mia,". Mia was hardly listening when Turdsley told her why he was sueing Birdena, and jumped when Birdena pulled out a gun. "Allright, everyone on the floor!". Nobody did. "Hey! She should be diskwawified so I win!" said Turdsley. Birdena pointed the gun at Turdsley. "QUIET!". Birdena leaped into the air. "ORDER IN THE COURT!" Mia cried, lowering her gavel. Just as the gavel cam in contact with her desk, time stopped. Birdena froze in the air above Turdsley, Turdsley haulted in mid-scream, and Nut was running out to the scene with an sngry scowl on his face. Mia blinked. What just happened? more!

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