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Judge Mia Wiki is the free online encyclopedia that is devoted to giving information about all aspects of the Judge Mia franchise, including it's spin-offs. The show's first episode aired in 1308 and its last season ended recently, following a hiatus. The current wiki administrators are Mapmaker10 and OWL.

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We've gone monobook!

Hey, Miaddicts! Judge Mia Wiki has gone MONOBOOK! To see this new edition of the wiki go here and change your layout from "Wikia" to "Monobook". This change will result in the change of many templates. If you do not like the look of the templates on the Wikia layout, then switch to monobook to see them in full swing!

Series finale airs!

Recently, the series finale for Judge Mia, Judge Mia Forever, aired on JMN for a rounded length of twenty minutes. Fans celebrated and critics raved! It became the most watched episode of the show, and the most watched television program in history with over a billion viewers. If the finale has not aired in your country yet, beware! The wiki is already adding information from it.

Mia's writes an autobiography!

Judge Mia announced that she would be releasing her autobiography in mid-summer 2013. Not many details have been revealed, except that it will tell how Mia became a judge, got her show, met Nut, met Fransisco, and more details on Mia's first husband, Reynolds!

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Featured Article: August (edit)

Preschool 22

Pete pooper
Pete (also known as Pete the Pizza Guy) is a brown bear that was shown in the jury in Jury Fury.

He was also shown in the breaking news cast, from the episode Judge Maya.

He was first named in Buck vs. Hipper, when he was called as a witness to Mia's court....
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Featured File: August (edit)


Birdena Bittlemeier operating on Turdsley in Shelly's Shell Shack, from the episode No Shell for Turd.
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Currently, In Yonkers... (edit)

  • 1327: Trailer for Judge Mia Forever is released.
  • 1327: Mia announces her autobiography.
  • 1326: Mia and Fransisco break up.
  • 1325: The first episode of Season 11, So Sue Me!, airs.
  • 1325: Judge Mia is renewed for a final, farewell season
  • 1322: Judge Mia is cancelled after a Season 11 hiatus.
  • 1321: JMN announced a hiatus for Season 11

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