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Jury Fury is the 5th episode of the 5th season of Judge Mia, and the 19th episode overall. The events in this episode take place in 1312.


A new judicial law says all courthouses must now have...a jury! Even Mia's! But Mia isn't used to someone else deciding things...but how can she go against the law?


The episode starts with Birdena suing Turdsley for trespassing in her yard and squishing her garden. Suddenly, Nut runs out and screams "Stop the case!!!". Nut tells Mia that her courtroom does not meet the new law: "There must be a jury in every court". Mia is mad, but Nut has already set up a jury for her. Nut tells Mia that she won't make the decisions anymore, and Mia is furious. The case resumes, and Birdena tells her side of the story, talking directly to the jury. Mia say that Birdena's supposed to tell her, but the jury says "Not anymore". Birdena says her story, and the jury finds it reasonable. Mia still furious.
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Turdsley comes up to say he part of the story, and he claims that he just touched her rose bud, not trampling her garden. But the jury still think he is guilty. Nut tells the jury that they may now decide who is guilty. Mia gets really angry, and releases her anger on Nut. She says "If you don't change that law, than I will!". Mia grabs the law papers, and writes "No Jury" on it. She says that there will never be a jury in her courtroom again, and the jury runs away. Mia makes Turdsley win, and Nut forgets everything about the new law.


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Buck's Lil' WorldEdit


Buck rising from the dead

Behaving at Funerals (Buck's Death, segment 2) is the Buck's Lil' World segment for this episode. In this segment, Just days after Buck's tragic car accident, they are already having a funeral for him. But then Buck comes back from the dead, rising up through the coffin saying, "Remember, kids. Behave at funerals!".
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  • "There shall be a jury in every court!" -Judicial Bill 17-30
  • "There will NEVER be a jury in my courtroom AGAIN!!!" -Mia
  • "Guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty" -The Jury
  • "Mia, just pipe down. I'm trying to tell the jury" -Birdena
  • "...I didn't touch her garden; she overreacted.I just touched a rose bud" -Turdsley


  • In normal courtrooms, there is always a jury.
  • Nut says that judges are just decoration, but in real courts, the judge decides the punishment after the jury decides who is guilty.
  • Sense Buck was supposedly dead from last Buck's Lil' World to this Buck's Lil' World, he did not appear in the episode.


Jury Fury Crowd

Crowd Members: Jordan, Majesty, Croakella, Unnamed White Bear, Mrs. Dotter, Elmer, Private, Leamy