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Lifeguards Save Lives
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Croakella vs. Schnauzette

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Lifeguards Save Lives is a commercial from Croakella vs. Schnauzette. Some characters in it are Elmer, Rick, Croakella, Birdena, Cudz, and the first appearance of Vanilla Pudding.
The commercial starts off with all the lifeguards at a pool having a party because no one drowned all summer. One lifeguard asks a little kid to go away, lifeguards only. The kids says "Okay, just let me get my ball". His beach ball is floating in the middle of the pool. The lifeguard agrees, and all the lifeguards start dancing. Suddenly, they have hear a high-pitched scream. They find the little kid's body floating face-down in the pool, dead. They try to do CPR, but it fails. The scene ends with one lifeguard screaming "No! You can't die!". Ironically, the next screen says "Lifeguards Save Lives".

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