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Character First Appearance First Line
Judge Mia Velvet vs. Leamy "Velvet, will you be speaking for yourself or do you have a lawyer?"
Nut Judge Mia's Thanksgiving "Quick, get in the limousine!"
Fransisco A Very Mia Christmas "Me too! Ya know, ever since I became your BOYFRIEND, I just got the feeling that we just snapped, ya know!"

Grouch vs, Private (commercial)

Judge Mia's Thanksgiving

"Mom, you said you would be here to help me bake the PIE!!!"
Murphy Judge Mia's Thanksgiving "Hi, Mia!"
Marley Judge Mia's Thanksgiving "GRAMMA!!"
Maggie Judge Mia's Thanksgiving "GRAMMA!!"
Judge Maya Judge Maya "All in court for Judge Maya!"
Brownfeather Nigel vs. Buck "I am Brownfeather, daughter of Chief Dungheap of the Monaunkibou Tribe. I've seen many moons where cases like this have failed, as when they wane so doth the pain."

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