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This is a list of transition cards used in Judge Mia. Some are only used once, others all the time.

Clip Name Appearances Description
Atc Plain Brown So Sue Me!, Crappy Anniversary, ???

Most commonly used, just words on a brown background. (note: Color of words vary)

Afterschool Turtle Shell No Shell for Turd (one-time only)

The words are written across the pattern of a turtle's shell.

Ballerina Ballerina Monkey Judge Buck, ???

A monkey curls it's very long arms around the words.

Meanwhile Bright Green Buck's Lil' Earth (one-time only)

Blue words scroll up a neon green background.

Meanwhile2 Be My Valentine Judge Mia's Valentine's Day (one-time only)

Pink words on a bright red background full of hearts; Announcer says "Meanwhile" with a soft voice.

Plainorange Plain Orange Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt, Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear, ???

Normal tran. card, but background is orange

By Brown and Orange Brownflesh, ??? Brown words on an orange background, spinning up to the screen.
50 Brown and Yellow BOLD Brownflesh, Turd Love, ??? Bold Brown words on a yellow background, split into three separate cards. (Looks exactly the same in all episodes)
Later Halloween Moon The Haunted, Judge Mia's Halloween Halloween font on a scary moon background (note: Judge Mia's Halloween's edition has a different font)
Meanwhile3 Explosion Brownfeather's Prophecy, ??? An explosion effect with words on it. This is the first Transition Card not to cover the whole screen.
Deathlyblack Deathly Black & Red Night of the Living Ape (one-time only) Dark black background with blood-red words.
Blackwhite Deathly Black & White The Haunted (one-time only) Dark black background with white words.

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