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Magdalen Bananomanoman
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c. 1304[1]



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Edwardo von Monkingsquire (crush, Judge Mia's Valentine's Day)


Mackenzie MacCallister (best friend)

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Judge Mia

Judge Mia's Thanksgiving


Judge Mia Forever

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Magdalen[2] "Maggie" Bananomanoman is Judge Mia's granddaughter and Marley's twin sister. She is called Maggie by everyone, including her parents and grandmother. She is always getting into mischief. Despite being ruder, she is more popular than her twin brother. She frequently competes with Marley for their grandmother's affection.


Maggie can be nice at times, but she takes from Mia's side of the family; she is often rude, selfish, and bossy. She scores horrible grades at school, caring more about her social life than her schoolwork. She and Marley compete for their parents' and Mia's love and affection.



Unlike Marley, Maggie tends to choose favorites in her family; she likes Murphy better than Marley, Matilda better than Murphy, Mia better than Matilda, and she loves herself the best. She is aware of Mia's relationship with Fransisco, and doesn't seem to care one way or the other. Maggie is three minutes older than Marley.


Unlike Marley, Maggie has a social life to uphold. She goes to PS-22, and it is revealed in The Bananomanomans that her best friend is Mackenzie. Maggie thinks that all of the teachers are stupid. The bullies of the school, George and Hammer, frequently bully Maggie, Marley, and Mackenzie. Maggie is embaressed by her twin brother, who is classified as "totally un-cool".


Unlike the rest of her family, Maggie's fur is a soft pink. She also has a puff of pink hair radiating from the center of her scalp. She is about half the size of her parents, but when she grows up she will grow out of her pink tinge and become just like Matilda. In her teen years, she will be a tye-dye, muti-colored, brownish pinkish sockmonkey with only a few strands of yarny hair on her head.


  • "[Gurgles]"
  • "That's not funny Mackenzie, I'm in trouble!"
  • "Thanks for taking us on a picnic, Grandma!"


  • Maggie once said a gurgle that can never be replicated again.[3]
  • She is the only one in her family with pink fur.


  1. She was 4 years of age in 1308
  2. Revealed by director

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