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The E.V.I.L. Association's Logo

The New World Order of the Evil Conglomeration (formerly Evil Association) is the alliance of all the evil characters in Judge Mia.

Evil AssociationEdit

The original group was Majesty, Grouch, and the leader, Hipper. The alliance only appeared in Buck's Lil' Earth, when they wanted to cut down Fragile Forest to build a toxic waste dump. Contrary to popular belief, Judge Maya was not a member in this group.

New World Order of the Evil ConglomerationEdit

The association was reformed by Fransisco in 1325, who made himself leader. Members include the original three, along with Judge Maya, Sue, and Fransisco. This group only appeared in Judge Mia Forever, when they sued Mia for putting innocent people in jail. All the members were sent to jail at the end of that episode.

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