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On Tuesday, January 8, Judge Mia filmed herself in her bedroom closet announcing her show was cancelled! After ten seasons with over forty episodes total, the show was currently on a season eleven hiatus when Mia came out with the shocking news, seemingly without reason. The closest to an explanation she said was, "It's just...I don't know...I need to get out of public life." Mia has not been seen sense last night, and her daughter worries she is having serious problems. But, a blog called "Life in the Monkey Cage" appeared on the web that afternoon, and the author was none other than Mia herself! She writes, "I have quit acting and devoted my life to blogging!". Fans are devastated, and a search party is being called. Header user on Judge Mia Wiki, SuperMarshmallow, states "The show is over, but now we can focus even more on the wiki! We will not stop expanding".

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