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(After intro)

Turdsley: Buck, this is scary, can we go home now?

Buck: Quiet, you fool! Do you want us to get caught? We have to finish Butt's dare or we'll be cursed!

Turdsley: But I tired!

Buck: Shut up and dig!

[Buck digs, then gasps]

Turdsley: Buck, what is it? What's wrong?

Zombie: [zombie sounds]

Buck: ZOMBIE! Run, Turdsley, run!

[zombie bites Buck]

[Turdsley gasps, then runs away]

[Zombie and Zombie-Buck make zombie sounds]

[Turdsley gets to house and bangs on door]

Turdsley: Help, let me in, they're after me!

[Zombies approach]

Turdsley: EEEEEEEEE!

[Zombie-Buck bites Turdsley]

(scene change)

[children talk]

Miss Luna: If everyone's here, we'll just start...where's Turdsley and Buck?

Butt: I haven't the foggiest.

Miss Luna: Well, I'll just have to mark them absent.

[Zombie-Buck and Zombie-Turdsley enter]

Miss Luna: Oh, there you guys are!

Both zombies: RAH!

[Zombie-Buck bites Miss Luna]

Miss Luna: Ah! Ah! AAHHHHH!

[children scream]

[Zombie-Turdsley goes into crowd of children and starts biting them]

[Zombie-Miss Luna goes into the crowd of children and starts biting them]

[Zombie-Marley bites Maggie]

Nutella: This is physically impossible!

[Zombie-Stinky bites Nutella]

Acorn: Zombies! ZOMBIES!

[Zombie-Ken bites Acorn]

[Butt bites Pinecone]

Pinecone: Ow! Hey, you're not a zombie yet!

Butt: I just like to bite people.

[Zombie-Nutella bites Butt]

Bella and Ella: Sorry we're late you guys.

[Zombie-Marley bites Bella, and Zomibe-Maggie bites Ella]

(commercial break)

Matilda: Maggie and Marley should be home from school any minute.

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