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Miss Luna: Okay, children, put away your books! We have a new student!

Nut: Hey, kids. This is my granddaughter, and Butt's sister, Nutella! Say hi, Nutella!


Butt to Buck: She's such a pain in the butt

Nut: Well, I gotta get going to work. You kids have fun!

Miss Luna: Nutella, you can sit between Pinecone and Acorn

Nutella to Pinecone and Acorn: OWLS CAN ROTATE THEIR CRANIUMS 180 DEGREES!

Buck: *cough* idiot

[Children laugh]

Miss Luna: Hush now, children! Today we'll be learning about turtles!

Turdsley: Hey, Miss Luna! That's me!

Miss Luna: Right you are, Turdsley! Children, pleaser direct your attention to the projector screen!

Announcer: Observe the majestic turtle! Slow, graceful, perfect! This turtle's shell provides protection for the beast, and also a mobile home, if you will.

Turdsley: Wow, that turtle has a- GASP!!! Miss Luna, do all turtles have shells?

Miss Luna: Why, yes, Turdsley. Every single turtle in the entire world has a-a-a-..

Announcer: After school!

Matilda: Hey kids, how was school?

Marley: Maggie got another F!

Maggie: Hey, Marley!

Turdsley: Wow, I never knew I was a shell-less freak!

Buck: TUH! No crap, Sherlock!

Turdsley: I never really thought about it, but, I wonder why I don't have a shell

Nutella: TUH! 'Cause you're a freak of nature!

Pinecone: Don't worry, Turdsley, no one has shells!

Turdsley: But you're not turtles! [Runs off crying]

Pinecone: Poor guy

Buck: What a maroooooon!

(At Turdsley's house)

Turdsley: Daddy?

Big Bobby: Yes, son?

Turdsley: I've been thinking. Why don't I have a shell?

Big Bobbby: Well, son, because, you're a mutant

Turdsley: (cusses into the air)

Big Bobby: But if it makes ya feel better, we'll go to Shelly's Shell Shack tomorrow

Turdsley: Okay!


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