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Reynolds Redford †
General information

Around 1252[1]


c. 1285-1308[2]

Marital status

Married (until death)




Possibly farmer

Social information

Mia Redford (wife)

Physical information


Skin color(s)
  • Light green (body)
  • Pale light green (body)
  • White (scalp)
Eye color


Judge Mia

A Very Mia Christmas (mentioned)


Judge Mia Forever (first physical appearance)

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Reynolds Redford is Judge Mia's deceased husband. He is mentioned twice: in A Very Mia Christmas and Just-In-Time Justice. In A Very Mia Christmas, Mia wants to put up the tree-topper star that she and Reynolds always put up together. She later breaks it. In Just-In-Time Justice, they go to Reynolds Park, and later Reynolds Farm. This could imply that Reynolds was a farmer, and later donated his land to be a park.

Reynolds appeared in the series finale, Judge Mia Forever. He tells Mia that he is a "figment of [her] imagination", but Mia believed that Reynolds was really there. Reynolds is seen with Mia from that point throughout the rest of the episode, and it is implied that Mia is still imagining him the rest of her life.


Before 1308Edit

Reynolds died sometime before 1308, when the show started.

1311 and cause of deathEdit

Revealed in Honeymoon of Horror, Reynolds went camping, but found himself trapped in an inescapable valley. He most likely died from starvation or dehydration. His body was washed away by the flood made by Fransisco.


Reynolds "comes back to life," though it is really just Mia's imagination. Mia's "imaginary" Reynolds told Mia that he was murdered by Fransisco. This was never explained and can be taken as Mia's imagination just going wild.


Reynold's grave is a symbolic gravestone in Yonkers. It was never shown or mentioned on the show, but Mia talked about it on her blog.
It was only symbolic because Reynold's body was washed away in a flood and never retrieved. It's probably in Monkey Hollow Graveyard.



  • In Honeymoon of Horror, Reynold's body was portrayed by a bear.
  • Mia wrote an article about Reynolds on her blog.
  • Reynolds talks similarly to Yoda from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Despite the usual pronunciation, "Ren-uldz", Reynolds's name is pronounced "Ray-nuldz".


  1. This is the year Mia was born, and they can't be that different in age
  2. Matilda was born in 1285, so he could not have died before that

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