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Ribbitz is a green frog first named in The Return of Judge Maya, than again in the Buck's Lil' World for So Sue Me!. But before that, he made many background/crowd appearances.

In "So Sue Me!", it is revealed that he is Hipper Pucenose's husband and Flipper Pucenose's father. In both episodes, Ribbitz seems to disapprove of his wife's evilness, but he can't do anything about it because "Hipper's her own woman."

He also has a speaking role in Brownfeather's Prophecy, when his son Flipper asks if they'll run out of food and Ribbitz responds with "Don't worry, son. Flies are abundant".


Ribbitz is shy and kind (i.e. He was going to help the needy in the Buck's Lil' World for So Sue Me!) but he is also a little dull-minded.

In Buck vs. Hipper, Ribbitz was brought to the courthouse as a witness. He had discussed before the case with his wife to lie to the judge, but he did not seem to understand how.


  • "Mr. Ribbitz, please tell the court how I did NOT kidnap Buck!" - Hipper
    "But...wait, how does that work out with you kidnapping him?" - Ribbitz
  • "Daddy, are we really going to run out of food?" - Flipper
    "Don't worry, son, flies are abundant" - Ribbitz

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