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Judge Mia Seasons
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Season 1 was the first season of Judge Mia, and it had five episodes, including the special and bonus episodes. It premiered in 1308, with its first episode, Velvet vs. Leamy. When the season was over it was scheduled to be released on DVD, but technical setbacks caused delay.

List of Season 1 EpisodesEdit

# Screenshot Title Plot
Velvet vs. Leamy Screenshot

Velvet vs. Leamy (pilot)

Velvet claims Leamy hacked into her bank account.
TSBVS Screenshot2
The Snortleson Brothers vs. Smokey The Snortlesons sue the director of Snorty & the Gang for killing Snorty.
GVP Screenshot2
Grouch vs. Private Divorced couple Grouch and Private divvy out their children.
JMTG Screenshot3
Judge Mia's Thanksgiving Mia is torn between family and business in this Thanksgiving special.

Judge Mia: Behind the Gavel (season finale)

Behind the scenes of Judge Mia.