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Season 4 was the season for 1311. Four episodes were produced. The Valentine's Day special was the first episode to end in a cliffhanger. The plot was concluded innerseasonally in Honeymoon of Horror.

List of Season 4 EpisodesEdit

# Screenshot Title Plot
Grouch vs. Fat-Bear Screenshot

Grouch vs. Fat-Bear (season premier)

Fat-Bear sues Grouch for breaking her toilet when she sat on it.
Chelsea vs. Uni Buni Screenshot

Chelsea vs. Uni Buni

Chelsea sues Uni Buni for blackmailing her.
JMVD Screenshot
Judge Mia's Valentine's Day Join Mia and the gang in this Valentine's Day special! You don't want to miss Fransisco's big surprise! To be continued in Honeymoon of Horror...
Honeymoon of Horror Screenshot

Honeymoon of Horror (season finale)

Mia and Fransisco crash-land in the wilderness! Can their marriage withstand the call of the mild? (See Judge Mia's Valentine's Day for how it all started.)