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Season 9 was the season that aired from 1316-17. Due to an Editors' Strike, the season was extended a year yet still only two episodes were produced: Birdena vs. Geezer Groves and Turd Love. It is tied with Season 2 as the shortest season in the series.

List of Season 9 EpisodesEdit

# Titlecard Title Plot Airyear
Birdena vs. Geezer Groves Screenshot

Birdena vs. Geezer Groves (season premiere)

Birdena sues Geezer Groves Retirement Home for forcing her to live with them! Also, Nut brings his grandson Butt to work. 1316
Turd Love Screenshot

Turd Love (season finale)

Turdsley falls for Fluffy, Judge Maya's hench-heshe! When their relationship gets bigger, Mia knows they can never be together. 1317

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