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elepThis is a list of all the minor characters, recurring characters, and background characters with large roles in Judge Mia, in alphabetical order. (Must have speaking role to be on this list). Some are nameless.


Acorn is Brownfeather's youngest son and Pinecone's brother. Unlike his brother, he is not too smart and actually he is a little babyish. He is seen is seen in Perry vs. Mary and Brownflesh. He goes to PS-22. In "Perry vs. Mary", Brownfeather mentions that Acorn is unable fly because he was abused by Perry Wannacracker.


Americano is a placeholder for a red, white, and blue bear similar in shape to Russell and Ruby. In his only known appearance, UB5 says "One thing's for sure, Russell, you can't judge Mia!" He was shown on an unnamed talk show along with Russell.


Almond is in charge of props at JMN Studios. He also appears in many crowds, but has no lines outside of Judge Mia: Behind the Gavel.

According to the epilogue of Judge Mia Forever, Almond goes to Nut's Business School ten years after the show ends. This means he is learning to be some type of businessman.


Awana is a recurring character in Judge Mia. He is a halfbreed bear and whale. He appeared in The People vs. the Halfbreeds as one of the defendants. His key quote is "I Awana!". The only characteristic that shows he is half whale is a patch of blue whale skin on his back. He is also in a commercial for Printy Pal printers.


Banana Bean is a yellow female bear who is the mother of Vanana Bean from Bobby Jane vs. His Parents. She was also seen in the crowd of Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear. She was also seen in Judge Mia Forever, when Murphy, Marley, and Maggie were trying to sell her Crazy Bread. Oddly, Murphy called her "sir", and she strangely had a very deep voice.


Barry is a dog diagnosed with the fictional disease of graspburgers. He is quite dumb and does not speak well. He appears in When Mia Met Barry, then in the background of Brownfeather's Prophecy, and Judge Mia Forever.


An unnamed white and brown dog is the mother of Barry, who appeared and defended her son in When Mia Met Barry.


Brentina is the camerawoman in JMN Studios. She portrays Jezebel in Mia's favorite soap opera, As the World Revolves.


Brog is a one-time character in Judge Mia. He is a halfbreed frog/bear. He appeared in The People vs. the Halfbreeds.


(Featured page, June 2013)
CamCam is the infamous teenage pop star who was sued in Kernelle vs. CamCam by Kernelle. He was caught smoking, being a bad influence on teens. He ushually has a mob of fans behind him. He also appears in the crowds of many other episodes.
CamCam Crowd

CamCam's crowd of fans (Buck, Junior, Vanana Bean, Unnamed Lion, Rora, and Unnamed Rabbit)


Chelsea is a teenaged rabbit who is a plantiff in Chelsea vs. Uni Buni. She is bratty and stuck-up. She was blackmailed by Uni Buni.


Chestnut Fuzzingsburgue (née Unknown) is Turdsley's mother and Big Bobby's wife. She is a pink bear. She has only made one minor appearance in Fransisco's Disturbing Discovery. She went missing after her debut, which is why only Big Bobby has appeared in new episodes.
Chief Dungheap is Brownfeather's father and the chief of the Monaunkibou Tribe. He is only ever mentioned in Nigel vs. Buck. His daughter is Brownfeather. If he is like his daughter, he is very close with nature.

Chilly Chilly Billy 2

.Chilly Chilly Billy: The Penguin is a small blue penguin who is a defendant from Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day. Courtney says that he stinks.

Ching Chang

Ching Chang Chi Chu is a character from Postcards from Buck. He appears in the first episode, Chillin with the Chus. He talks with a chinese accent, and is Queen Kong's friend from college's son. Buck finds him very annoying and stupid, and by the end of the episode, the feeling was mutual.


Chipper Scumicimodito is Hipper's twin sister. Unlike Hipper, Chipper is not evil. She appeared as Princess Pinky Pye in the episode Judge Maya.


Cinnamon Swirly Barkson (surname revealed in credits) works as an escort at Geezer Groves Retirement Home. Cinnamon Swirly says his name with a distinguished accent: "Cinnamon Swwiiiiiirrrly!".


Clementine is an orange tabby cat who works as an escort at Geezer Groves Retirement Home. She was forcing Birdena to come to the retirement home, and succeeded. She seems to act superiority over Cinnamon Swirly, her co-worker.


Cornflake was Grouch and Private's son from Grouch vs. Private. He was ripped in half in a fight by his parents in that same episode. Curiously, he appears in later episodes. Though they look the same, Kernelle is not the same person as Cornflake.

Cornflake and Kernelle in the same scene, proof they are different people


Cornhead Buni is a large unicorn from the commercial from No Shell for Turd. She is much like a larger version of Uni Buni.


Courtney Cowbear is a bear that is shown the crowds of episodes multiple times. It has a blue-polka-dotted bandanna and a brown vest. She is probably one of the only characters on the show who ware clothes.



See Cudz

Dawnald Finn

Dawnald Finn is a background character from the show. He is a yellow pufferfish, and is very self-centered. He appears in crowds and commercials.


D.J. is a minor character first shown in the Season 11 episode Crappy Anniversary. He is super sleek and cool (at least he thinks he is). He works as a DJ at the Dance Club. He is a rabbit.


  • "Dance like there's no tomorr-whoa."
  • "You fools ready to party 'til dawn?"


Dr. Doris is a physician is Yonkers, the only known one. She helps Mia understand graspburgers in When Mia Met Barry.
She also appears in the Stuffathon crowd of Judge Mia's Valentine's Day.


Edwardo von Monkingsquire is an exchanged student that started going to PS-22 in Season 4. So far, he has only apppeared in the show once.

Nutella in costume

Dr. Elephanty is (or was, depending on if he is dead or not) the "second smartest person in the world", according to Nutella Nuttingham. He was briefly mentioned in Judge Mia's Halloween. According to Just-In-Time Justice, Dr. Elephanty had a son.


Elmer is a recurring character in Judge Mia. In Judge Buck, Buck executed Elmer, but he appears in later episodes. He is also the owner of Elmer's Pharmacy.

Elmer seems to be a replica of Elmo from Sesame Street.

Image gallery:


Esmerelda is an orange tabby cat, much like Ginger but smaller. She has been seen in the background of many episodes, and is usually close by Sweety. In the commercial Better Watch Out, she says she made it to the ski championships. Her name was revealed in the Buck's Lil' World Segment for Judge Mia's Valentine's Day.
Image gallery:



Flacco is Brownfeather's husband. He is a white duck who talks like he's quacking, a little like Grouch does. He only appears in Perry vs. Mary. It is assumed his last name is Beansworth, because the rest of his family's name is Beansworth, and he probably lives in their house.


Flipper Pucenose is a background character in Judge Mia, and made many background appearances. He is spotted and light green. His largest interaction with a main character is when Buck frightened him in Judge Mia's Halloween. He is Hipper's son. Flipper appears in the first episode of the Judge Mia Podcast, along with his mother, Hipper.


Flutter Furry is the nonfictional kid who wrote into Judge Mia with his idea for Kernelle vs. CamCam. After he won, he and his family got to be in the segment And Now a Word from Flutter Furry, in place of commercials for that episode. He is a prince, the son of King/Judge Milo.


Fudge Pucenose is a minor character in Judge Mia. His first appearance was in Grouch vs. Private, when he was working as one of Judge Mia's security agents. It is revealed in Judge Mia's Thanksgiving that Fudge has a strong hate for the holiday, because of a traumatic experience as a child. In the episode, he goes to court to try to ban Thanksgiving forever. He appears in the commercial Ew, Seriously?, So Gross.
Image gallery:


George Fitzarnold is the bully at PS-22, the twins' school. He has a gang, but only one is ushually shown, Hammer, who agrees with him without a doubt every time. He has stripes on him, like he's always in jail. He first appeared in You Are Mia, in Judge Mia.
The Great Spirit is a all-knowning, god-like figure who is worshiped by Brownfeather. She mentions the spirit many times in the show, and it's first speaking role in in Brownfeather's Prophecy.


Gwen is a very cute penguin in Cute vs. Cute. He temporarily took over the show at the end of his debut.


Hammer is a member of George's gang, from The Bananomanomans. He also appears in Judge Mia in Jury Fury, in a commercial.


A regular background character and a comrade of Hipper. Has a speaking role in Judge Mia Forever and The People vs. Hipper.

Quotes: "Get in!" in The People vs. Hipper "We'll take 50" in Judge Mia Forever


See Hocco

Ice Cohd 2

Ice Cohd (pronouced "kōd") is a background character from the show, and had a speaking part in her first episode, Brownfeather's Prophecy.


Jezebel (also know as Cora) is a fictional character shown in Mia's favorite soap-opera, As the World Revolves. Her portrayor is Brentina, a JMN staff member.


Jordan is a placeholder name for a tall, brown bear is a reoccurring background character from the show. He is very tall and lanky and is always wearing a basketball jersey. He was in the Stand Up to Spikieitis commercial.


Julian "Leamy" Lemurton is a plantiff in Velvet vs. Leamy. He was wrongly accused to steal money from Velvet 's wallet. His is also a guard at an unnamed prison.


Kakunga is a groundhog from the commercial One Crumb. He's starving in a third world country.


Kari is Mia's happy helper consultant from the Anger Management Center. She is an odd type of weird pink bird.

In Crappy Anniversary when Matilda was trying to poison Fransisco, Kari somehow got poisoned instead and died (maybe). She has also made many background appearances.

She is either a nurse or a doctor working at Yonkers Hospital, seen in the Buck's Lil' World for Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear.


See Ken


Kernelle is a yellow duck who looks exactly like Cornflake. She sued CamCam in Kernelle vs. CamCam.

Cornflake and Kernelle is the same scene, proof they are different people


Lady Lollipop is one out of the two only known people in a Judge Maya court case. She was sued by Princess Pinky Pye becuase she didn't lift her pinky when they had a tea party.


Mackenzie MacCallister is Maggie's best friend. She appears in both Judge Mia and The Bananomanomans. She, along with George Fitzarnold, is the minor character to appear in both shows. She is sometimes rude and bratty, for example laughing when Maggie forgets her homework. She hates George.



Manuel is a fictional character on Mia's favorite soap-opera, As the World Revolves.


Martha is a placeholder name for an unnamed large white bear that portrays Lady Lollipop in Judge Maya. Much like a larger version of Sweety. In the Buck's Lil' World segment of that same episode, "Martha" interviews Buck on his death. That was her first speaking role not as Lady Lollipop.


Mimebert was a one-time character from Judge Mia's Valentine's Day. Marley thought that Valentine's Day was Halenmime's Day, and once Maggie said it wasn't, he turned to Mimebert and said sorry.


See Luna


Miuck (pronounced mee-yuck) otherwise known as Marley's Monster is the blending of the two names, Mia and Buck, most commonly associated with the monster created when Mia and Buck fused bodies in the Season 7 episode The Monkamorphs. One head (Mia's) wanted to be called Bia, and the other (Buck's) wanted to be called Muck, but Miss Luna decided on Miuck. It has two heads (one of Mia and one of Buck), three legs (two of Mia's and one of Buck's), and two arms (one of Mia's and one of Buck's).
Image gallery:


No info


No info


Nugget is the "bad word" bleeper for JMN Studios, and also a plaintiff from Judge Mia's Thanksgiving.


Pachi is a reoccurring background character that appears mostly in commercials. He is first named in the commercial, Pachi, A Hog's Tale: ON ICE!!!, and appears again in Five Senses, Here We Go!. In Five Senses, Here We Go! he is seen in a wheelchair, which is a little contradictory because in her first appearance (Pachi, A Hog's Tale) he is shown finger skating.

Pete pooper

See Pete


Phil is a black-and-blue vampire in the commercial Have You Ever Talked to a Vampire?. In the end, he ends up mauling Sweetie Peetie.


Pigswell is a pig from the commercial Gymco - Pigswell. He has floppy pink limbs and a round snout. Curiously, when he is screaming "Weee!" his voice sounds tight and high. But when he talks normally, his voice is mellow and nonchalant.


Pinecone is Brownfeather's oldest son. He appears in Perry vs. Mary, and Brownflesh.


Princess Pinky Pye is one out of two of the only known people in a Judge Maya court case. The other in Lady Lollipop. She appears in other episodes by the name of Chipper, Hipper's not-so-evil twin.


Pooh is a yellow bear that appears in many crowds and backgrounds. He is the host of "The Pooh Show", and interviewed Mia once.


Private is a recurring character in Judge Mia. He is a penguin and the father of Ken, Cornflake, and "Pingu".

His name and appearance have a striking resemblance to Private, a penguin character from the Madagascar franchise.


Rick is a placeholder name for an unnamed white bear is a reoccurring character on Judge Mia. He is a white bear. His name was only revealed in an interview with JMN. He pops up in random places in the show, like at the beginning of Turdsley vs. Fat-Bear (he was also in the crowd in that episode).

He appears in Judge Mia's Valentine's Day at the Valentine's Day party.


Rora is a character from Postcards from Buck, but she also made a minor appearance in Postcards from Buck, the episode. She is human, but has pink skin and yarny hair.


Rory (aka Drag-a-Butt) is a defendant from Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt, and also the person who started The Great Studio Fire. He supposedly goes to </span>PS-22 because the episode said something about a preschool fire drill.


Russell is a purple bear similar in shape to Ruby. He has no speaking lines and his only known appearance is a cameo in Judge Mia Forever.

Unnamed Dog

The fire chief from Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt.

Sleepy Pie

SleepyPye is a character from Postcards from Buck, but he also made a small appearance at the end of the episode, Postcards from Buck.


Smokey Beanbum is a bear who was the defendant in The Snortleson Brothers vs. Smokey. He is very depressed and suicidal. Smokey was the director of the show Snorty & the Gang (a fictional TV show centered around Buck's dead sister, Snorty), so the Snortlesons family blames him for Snorty's death. Despite jumping off a bridge in his debut, he has made background appearances throughout the series.

Smokey had a small scene featuring him in Brownfeather's Prophecy, a Season 11 episode. Smokey had joined the Children of Brownfeather, worshiping Brownfeather because she predicted the famine. In his scene, he stole Mia's lunchbox. He was the only Child of Brownfeather to use the phrase "Viva la Brownfeather", which he used just after he stole the lunchbox.

So Sue Me! Screenshot

See Sue


Sweety is a student at PS-22. She appears in Judge Mia's Thanksgiving, Judge Mia's Valentine's Day, and Perry vs. Mary. She gave Mrs. Dotter an avacodo in Judge Mia's Valentine's Day. Turdsley took her to the valentine's day party, saying "Someone call heaven, 'cause an angels gone missing!". In Better Watch Out, a commercial from Hipper vs. Chipper, she is shown in a wheelchair. That is the only time in the show. In some episodes she has a shirt, in some episodes she does not. She is usually seen with Esmerelda, probably indicating that they are friends. Her name was revealed in the commercial Hi, I'm Sweety.
Image gallery:

Unnamed Bear 5 2

Tamara Li is a placeholder name for an unnamed brown bear with a red ribbon is a background character from the show, mostly shown in crowds. But she finally had a speaking role in Brownfeather's Prophecy.

She was a Child of Brownfeather in Brownfeather's Prophecy, but it is assumed that she betrayed Brownfeather, just as the rest of the Children did.

She also appears in Honeymoon of Horror, on the same plane as Mia and Fransisco. When the plane crashed, everyone was assumed dead, but Bear #2 appears later in the show.


Uni Buni is a unicorn that was a defendant from the episode Chelsea vs. Uni Buni. She was accused of blackmailing. She is a smaller version of Cornhead Buni.

She also made a minor appearance in Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day. She was in a courtcase (probably against "The People") because she exposed the community to Spikieitis.


Vanana Bean (previously Bobby Jane) is a plantiff, and student at PS-22. He appears in Bobby Jane vs. His Parents.
In the episode Kernelle vs. CamCam, he was shown smoking because he was influenced by international pop star, CamCam.


Vanilla Bean was a defendant in Bobby Jane vs. His Parents. He was also shown in a commercial, where he was running a campaign. He was shown at the Stuffathon in Judge Mia's Valentine's Day.

According to the epilogue of Judge Mia Forever, Vanilla Bean goes to Nut's Business School ten years after the show ends. This means he is learning to be some type of businessman.

VB in clothes

Vanilla Bean in clothes from the episode Big Bobby vs. Drag-a-Butt


Valentina is a placeholder name for an unnamed white bear is Schnauzette's blind guide helper. She helps Schnauzette and has a passion for blind people. Whenever something doesn't go her way, she pulls out her chilling stare that controls everything.


a small white bear is a background character from the commercial Lifeguards Save Lives, from the episode Croakella vs. Schnauzette. He drowned in a swimming pool in that commercial while trying to get his ball.


Velvet is a reoccurring character in Judge Mia. She is a supernatural horse with the unhuman power to enlarge her size times 10. In an alternative world, Velvet had taken over the world and forced everyone to give her offerings. Velvet uses her powers for juvenile evil, and is not a real threat ever sense she lost in the courtcase. It is debated whether Velvet is an alien. She is the first character with super powers.


Witch-Doctor Wywan is a witch-doctor/sorcerer, and a plantiff from Judge Mia's Halloween. He is the second character in the show with supernatural abilities; The first being Velvet. Wywan's portrayer, Big Bad Bill the Entertainer, was a guest star for the show.

Xhing Xhing

Xhing Xhing (pronounced Zhing Zhing) is a character from Postcards from Buck. She is Ching Ching's mother, and is easily mistaken for a man.

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