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Narrator: Bum ba ba bum bum bum! Judge Mia now returns. Velvet Ponyschneigger claims that Julian "Leamy" Lemurton hacked into her bank account and stole all her money, and she is suing for a million stuffiebucks.

Judge Mia: Ba ba bum bum bum! Velvet, will you be speaking for yourself or do you have a lawyer?

Velvet: Myself, [snorts], your honor!

Judge Mia: What about you, Leamy?

Leamy: Um, uh, well, um, technically, um, uh, myself.

Judge Mia: Duh duh duh duh duh! Velvet, will you please give your statement.

Velvet: Of course, your honor. Well, yesterday, Julian "Leamy" Lemurton, saw my credit card account and he hacked into my bank account, and he stole all my money!

Leamy: That's just not true!!!

Judge Mia: Duh duh duh duh duh! Order! Order! Order! Order! Order in the court!

Velvet: It's true.

Judge Mia: Don't you backsash me young lady! Leamy, what's your side of the story?

Leamy: Um, oh, okay, um, my side, um, well, I'll tell you my side, okay, I'm gonna do that, okay, um, uh, well, I'll just tell you...


Leamy: Of course. Well, um, me and Velvet, we were like having coffee, she deliberately showed me my [he meant to say "her"] credit card and she told me to steal from her bank account, and it's all her fault! I never even...but I didn't steal, it must've been her...something, something, something...

Judge Mia: SHUT UP!!!

Narrator: Duh duh duh duh duh! Judge Mia will return after these messages.

Guacamolito: Hello daughter. Wow, looks like there's a story here!

Buck/"That's You Daddy" Kid: Yah, I just drawed a snowflake and it's just starting to snow, and there's a penguin...

Guacamolito: [Jamaican voice] Asking your child to show their pictures will show them how to read!

Buck/"That's You Daddy" Kid: ...and I just drawed a thing!

Guacamolito: What's that crazy creature?

Buck/"That's You Daddy" Kid: That's you daddy.

Guacamolito: [Screams and attacks Buck]


Narrator: Duh duh duh duh duh! Previously on Judge Mia...


Judge Mia:

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